Chapter practice problems

Chemistry Practice Problems
Chapter 2- Measuring
Chapter 3- Matter and Change Chapter 4- Atomic Theory
Chapter 5- Quantum Numbers Chapter 6- Periodic Table
Chapter 7- Ionic Bonds Chapter 8- Covalent Bonds
Chapter 9- Balancing Equations Chapter 10- The Mole
Chapter 11- Stoichiometry Chapter 12- State of Matter
Chapter 13- Gas Laws Chapter 14 - Solutions
Chapter 18 - Acids and Bases

Organic Practice

Kinetics/reaction rates/equilibrium


Textbook resources (practice tests, etc)
Simulations - Colorado (pHet)
Georgia Public Broadcast- Chemistry tutorials

Semester 1 quizlet

(hints with quizlet-- type in chemistry matter and change and the chapter number-- quizlets for the book)


Chapter 1- Scientific Method 
self check quizzes

Safety Picture Challenge

Equipment Quiz

Picture Equipment Quiz

Safety Quiz


Ch. 2- Measuring and Metric


Ch. 3- Matter 
Information, Practice and Links
self check quizzes


Ch. 4 - Atomic Theory

self check quizzes
Development of the Atomic Theory- video /worksheets
(Georgia Public Broadcast)

The Structure of an Atom- video/worksheets (Georgia Public Broadcast)


Chapter 5- Quantum Numbers
self check quizzes
Electrons in an Atom -video/worksheets(georgia public broadcasting)
Electron Distributions- video/worksheets (georgia public broadcasting)
Concentration Game- chapter definitions


Chapter 6- Periodic Table

self check quizzes
Song / Periodic Table of Dessert



Chapter 7- Ionic Bonds 
Information, Practice and Links


CChapter 8- Covalent Bonds 
Information , Practice and Links


Chapter 9 -Balancing Equations 
Balancing Act


Chapter 10- The MOLE 
self check quizzes

Video Tutorials w/ Worksheets- Introduction to the mole and molar mass

Percent Composition and Empirical formula

Molecular Formula and Hydrates



Chapter 11 - Stoichiometry 
self check quizzes
Practice Problems

Video Tutorials and Worksheets:

Mole Ratios and Stoichiometry

Stochiometry Problems and Percent Yield

Limiting Reactant

Information, Practice and Links


Chapter 12- States of Matter

self check quizzes
Phase Diagram

Video- Georgia Public Broadcasting- Kinetic Theory 

Kinetic Molecular Theory
Graham's Law of Diffusion
Heat, Temperature, Absolute Zero

Information, Practice and Links


Chapter 13- Gas Laws 

self check quizzes
Video -Georgia public broadcast w/ worksheets

Boyles/charles law

Other gas concepts

Charles Law
Gas Laws Pressure Chamber (you change the variable)
Practice on Everything Related to Gases (worksheets/animations)
Motion of Ideal gas


Chapter 14- Solutions
self check quizzes
Molarity Practice (moles- M)Molarity Practice (gram-M)
Molarity Tutorial
Information and Practice and Links


Chapter 18- Acids and Bases

self check quizzes

Acids and bases and pH links
pH practice game
titration problem practice game
Information, Practice and Links
Titration Animation activity



Organic Reactions
Function group tutorial
Naming Practice


Kinetics /Reaction Rates and Equilibrium



Georgia Public Broadcast Video Tutorial/worksheets

Reaction Rates

LeChat and Keq

Redox worksheet with answers

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