BIOLOGY SYLLABUS Ms. Helmke, Ms. Schubert, Mrs. Schnell, and Mrs. Tonn      

Biology is the study of living things. It is the scientific extension of the human tendency to feel connected to and curious about all forms of life. This course will give students an understanding and appreciation of the vast diversity of living organisms, their remarkable adaptations to their environments, and their evolutionary and ecological relationships. Special emphasis is placed on the basic unity of life and the fundamental similarities of the challenges that have been faced and solved by all living organisms. This course will prepare students for higher education.

CLASS MATERIALS:   3 ring-binder; Chromebook (charged and ready to go!);  loose leaf paper or a notebook; folder; pen/pencil; colored pencils school assignment notebook;  Prentice Hall Biology by Miller and Levine.  Your textbook is available online and there are class copies available.



    1. Assignments are posted daily in the classroom and on Google classroom.  It is YOUR responsibility to check assignments daily and to have them with you.  

    2. Bring materials with you daily (including your textbook and assignment notebook).

    3. Bring your CHARGED chromebook with you daily.


    1. Be on time and at your desk when the bell rings.  If you are tardy, you will be disciplined according to the school’s tardy policy.

    2. I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE WORK…ALL HOMEWORK IS DUE IMMEDIATELY!  Most assignments are due at the beginning of class.  Projects and lab work will be downgraded daily.

      1. For each unit, students will be required to complete 50% of the homework.  

      2. For each unit, students will  have to complete the study guide/review.

    3. If you are absent, please make up quizzes immediately and tests within two days.  Labs must be made up within a week.  Please refer to the absent policy in your student hand book for extension criteria.

    4. If you need any additional help, see me BEFORE the assignment is due!


    1. Leave coats, hats, etc in your locker.  Purses, backpacks, and bags must be kept on the floor underneath your desk.  Only books and study materials are allowed on the desktop.  All materials must remain out of the lab area unless approved by the teacher.

    2. Phones are to be turned off and put away. Phones and devices are not to be used unless given permission.

    3. Please remove Apple watches, smart watches, fitness trackers etc. and place them into a backpack (or other secure container) on test/quiz days.  You will not be allowed to wear them when taking a test or quiz.

    4. If you leave on a bathroom pass, please leave your phones in your backpack etc.  Phones are not allowed in the bathrooms.

    5. Masks must be worn at all times and 6 feet of social distancing must be observed at all times.

    6. Respect one another and the equipment in the room.  No horseplay in the classroom and laboratory.  You are responsible for any broken lab equipment.

    7. Do not leave the classroom until the teacher dismisses you.


Daily homework will be assigned and will be due the following class period. Daily homework is used to help reinforce and practice new knowledge while improving your skills. You will receive 50 homework points at the end of the chapter if you have fully completed at least 50% of the daily homework assigned for that chapter. (if you choose to do less than 50% of the assignments, you will receive a 0 for that chapter)  In addition, you must fully complete the study guide for each of the chapters, which will be 10 points. You are responsible for all homework.  You may also have daily assignment quizzes (based on the material from the previous night assignment).  No daily assignments will be accepted late!!!


Each student is responsible for keeping up a Biology Portfolio.  Within the portfolio, the student will include personal notes, class notes, labs, worksheets, coloring pages and additional resources.  The portfolio will be graded at the end of the semester and will count as 150 lab points.  Students will be required to read the text and formulate their own Cornell notes (or preferred  notetaking method)  prior to lecture.


  1.  The grading scale in Biology follows the scale in your student handbook.

  2. Students work is weighted according to the following:

    1. 15% homework

    2. 25% lab work

    3. 50% tests and/or projects

    4. 10% quizzes


  1. Unit 1:  The Nature of Life:  the Science of Biology and the Chemistry of Life (Chapters 1-2)

  2. Unit 2:  Ecology (Chapters 3-6)

  3. Unit 3:  Cells (Chapters 7-10)

  4. Unit 4:  Genetics (Chapters 11-14)

  5. Unit 5:  Evolution (Chapters 15-18)

  6. Unit 6:  Microorganisms and Fungi (Chapters 19-21)

  7. Unit 7:  Plants (Chapters 22-25)

  8. Unit 8:  Invertebrates (Chapters 26-28)

  9. Unit 9:  Chordates (Chapters  30-34)

This is a difficult class; therefore, students are responsible for reading the text and studying any additional material on their own.  Students should expect to have a minimum of one-half hour of Biology per night.  If homework is not assigned students should still try to study their texts and notes.  Each chapter will be about 1-3 weeks in length.  We cannot stress enough the complexity of the material and the need for students to put extra time into Biology.  We have very high expectations for our Biology students and we  look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Tonn Ms. Helmke Ms. Schubert Mrs.  Schnell

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