Classroom Expectations and Responsibilities


English Department – Mr. Hicks – Room 130


In order to insure a positive classroom learning experience, I hold the following expectations concerning student behavior:


1.  Respect:  All students must demonstrate respect for other students, the teacher, and the classroom.  I expect courtesy, maturity, and students accepting responsibility for their own behavior.  This refers specifically to derogatory comments, swearing, or racial slurs.  Also, do not interrupt another individual while they are speaking.


2.  Time Considerations:  All students are required to be in the classroom when the bell rings or he/she will be considered tardy.  If you were with a Waterford High School teacher or administrator, ask that individual for a pass to be admitted.  (see tardy policy – pg. 2)


3.  Materials:  Bring all necessary materials that are needed for class on that given day.  Items needed on a daily basis are writing materials, a three subject English only notebook, the textbook, and the assignment that is due for that given day.


4.  Assigned Seats:  All students will be given an assigned seat on the first day of class.  You are expected to remain there until dismissed.  I also ask that you refrain from sitting on any of the desks as well.


5.  Bathroom Passes:  Desperate emergencies only.


6.  Substitute Teachers:  Substitute teachers shall be granted the same courtesy that a regular classroom teacher commands.  Any student acting inappropriately with a substitute teacher will face double the punishment.


7.  No Food or Beverages:  No food or soda allowed outside of the cafeteria.  If seen, you will be asked to dispose of them immediately.


8.  Phones:  Use of electronic devices/phones is acceptable with teacher permission only.



Homework Policy:


1.  All questions concerning missed work for an excused absence should occur before or after school in room 130.


2.  The completion of work that was due on the day you were absent is now due upon the day of your return.


3.  Missed tests and quizzes on the date of an excused absence must be taken on the day of your return (before or after school).


4.  ******   Late assignments will not be accepted for any reason.   ******



Tardy Policy:


1.  First tardy – Individual verbal warning

2.  Second tardy – Fifteen minute detention

3.  Third tardy – Thirty minute detention and phone call home

4.  Fourth Tardy – Office Referral – Mr. Belot contacts parent – Thirty minute      


5.  Student not admitted to class – Sent to Mr. Belot – Saturday detention issued

6.  Student not admitted to class – Sent to Mr. Belot – In School Suspension

7.  Student not admitted to class – Sent to Mr. Belot – Out of School Suspension

8.  Principal Hearing – Withdrawn from Class



Teacher Detentions:


Each student will have one week to serve teacher detentions. 

If not served within prescribed time, time will be doubled (phone call home).



One final note: 


Please understand that an essential element of this class is communication.  If you would like to discuss any topic with me as it relates to this English course, please feel free to make an appointment with me or stop by as necessary.  My desk is located in room 130 and I am usually there at 6:45 a.m.


Contact Information:

(262) 534-3189 x7130

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